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Lifesize video conferencing


The power of communication is increasingly important, and that is why our video conferencing solutions are designed to promote the utility, efficiency and duration of the meetings with customers, suppliers, collaborators etc .

Use them to discuss with experts located on the other side of the world, to create distance learning and training programmes, to record and save important messages to be played later, and much more.

Video conferencing systems offer a range of advantages:

savings in travel costs, reduction of times and risks, faster decision-making, maximum security in communications ...


Lifesize makes everything easier

Lifesize is the only video conferencing solution that has eliminated complicated hardware from meeting rooms.

Except for the video terminals, the entire solution is based on its software.

Therefore, whether you choose to use our cloud for your video conferencing or create your own private cloud system, with Lifesize you will never have to worry about hardware interference problems with your video conferencing solution.


Simple video conferencing

Don't believe those who tell you that the video conferencing systems are expensive and complicated, only useful to larger companies with huge IT departments.
Lifesize offers simple solutions for single touch video calls, that put your conference room in touch with the rest of the world.

Cloud or on-site?

Lifesize offers the ideal solution to provide an unprecedented connection experience to enterprises.
One call is all you need to find yourself in the conference room. Which video conferencing solution most suits your needs, the cloud version or the one built into the corporate network?


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